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Historic Center of Valencia

Few cities like Valencia are capable of so harmoniously coexisting the remains of its most remote past, dating back to 138 B.C., with the most modern, innovative and avant-garde buildings that are being erected in the new millennium.

When you walk through Valencia, you can feel at the same time, between its walls and under the pavement, the beat of many centuries and the life of the city in continuous change and expansion, cheerful and uninhibited, Mediterranean, which welcomes the traveler with open arms.

Our apartments are located in the Historic Center, the largest in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, in the emblematic Barrio del Carmen, a reference point for nightlife and culture in the city. Strolling through its streets you will find the most varied traditional and avant-garde gastronomic offer, bars with atmosphere, many of them with live performances, terraces where you can enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate, art galleries, important museums, such as the IVAM, the Cultural Center of Carmen, theaters, and of course the Cathedral.

In Caballeros Street we will find the Valencian Sistine Chapel, the Parish Museum of San Nicolas. Nearby, we can continue to enjoy the city with the wonderful mix of smells, colors and flavors offered by the Central Market, the largest indoor market in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. Its large modernist building, whose design dates back to 1914, houses 959 stalls literally bathed in light, which ingeniously studied comes from the domes and stained glass windows of the roof.

VLC; Apartments

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In front of the Market and the Church of Santos Juanes,

stands one of the most representative buildings of the city, La Lonja de los Mercaderes or La Seda. Declared a World Heritage Site, it is a masterpiece of Valencian Gothic civil architecture. Pere Compte, master founder of the guild of stonemasons of Valencia, in addition to erecting this building, also participates in works as unique as the Cathedral, the Palace of the Borja -current headquarters of Les Corts-, El Almudín or the Atarazanas.

Due to its geographical location, Valencia has the special charm of cities that are seaports. In addition, the fine sand and clean water of its beaches, the wide open sea and the proximity of the coastal mountains give the Valencian Coast a unique attraction. The mild temperatures of the Mediterranean invite the practice of outdoor sports at almost any time of the year, diving, golf, sailing, without forgetting the Natural Park of La Albufera and the beaches of mobile dunes of the Devesa, of great ecological value and less than an hour from the city.

Valencia also offers endless possibilities especially oriented to children. It is worth a visit to the Bioparc to enjoy the wild nature without leaving the city. In the foothills of the old riverbed, today the Turia Garden, is one of the symbols of Valencia today, the City of Arts and Sciences. Surprising for its size and architecture, this complex allows interactive learning in the Planetarium-L’Hemisféric Cinema, the Prince Felipe Science Museum or L’Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe.

VLC; Apartments

Moto GP

Valencia is commerce and culture. The city has become an outstanding congress center in Europe and a first class meeting point for those who wish to develop their business or participate in its trade fairs. It is also the center of major sporting events such as the MOTO GP Motorcycle World Championship at the Ricardo Tormo circuit.

VLC; Apartments

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Las Fallas

In addition, since 2016, Las Fallas, are officially declared a World Heritage Site, for UNESCO «they are an expression of collective creativity that safeguards traditional arts and crafts. Las Fallas, satirical sculptures created by local artists, foster communication and dialogue between citizens»

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